What is OEM Unlock: A Definitive Guide 2022

what is oem unlock

Almost all Android devices come with a locked bootloader, and by default OEM is also locked, preventing you from rooting, installing custom ROMs, and flashing recovery. For some power users like myself, OEM unlock is essential because I’d love it. I’d like to root my phone as it gives me more power over my phone. … Read more

How to Restart XAMPP in Linux – 2022 Guide

How to Restart XAMPP in Linux

It’s really simple and easy to restart Xampp in Linux. It can be done by typing simple commands like start, stop and restart. Just type Restart and hit enter and Boom! But if it’s not the case then read more.. What is XAMPP? Apache Friends developed XAMPP, a free and open-source stack package of web … Read more